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Program Marketing and Oversight

ChamberSolutions manages the marketing and distribution of the Snaptown platform to chambers of commerce, business associations, and trade organizations.

For more than 25 years ChamberSolutions has been creating, administering, and marketing member benefit programs. Founded in 1992 by two local chambers of commerce in southeast Virginia to administer group health benefits, ChamberSolutions has evolved into an organization dedicated to helping chambers of commerce have greater impact in the communities they serve and the members that they support.

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Chamber Partners

$ Millions
In Member Savings

Platform Developer and Service Partner

Dealsnapt is the app's developer, and manager of the entire backroom operations that power the platform.

Dealsnapt built Snaptown with small to medium businesses in mind – overcoming the challenges of a high volume, deep discount daily-deal market, and wasteful, inefficient print models. It is very important for businesses to deliver value to consumers at a profit – where both the consumer and business win.

Snaptown is transforming the way that businesses engage consumers and create loyal customers through a budget friendly platform that enables a business owner to quickly address the dynamic nature of their business by responding to consumer feedback, minimizing quiet times, and quickly turning inventory.

Snaptown's newest feature, online order and reservations, improves order efficiency and accuracy, lowers acquisition cost, and increases revenue. Additionally, the merchant obtains all customer data.

Simply put, Snaptown helps businesses win. We are the only platform that allows businesses to engage each other’s customers to keep people spending local.
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